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Sketch to Canvas Process

In the past I was accustomed to sketching out thumbnails, refining the idea by redrawing them until I was satisfied and then proceed to redraw them again on my canvas using paint.

My process these days has not split off into a tangent too much. I still start with thumbnail sketches and and hone in on the drawing that I perceive to be the best.

From there I may may adjustments by making a few other isolated drawings.

The chosen isolated drawings are then brought into either photoshop or procreate to be edited into the initial thumbnail composition that I had created to further refine the drawing.

I'll do this for as long as needed until I feel everything is just right.

I didn't do it for this particular painting, but usually I'll refine the drawing further by refining the drawing even further in procreate similar to the following image.

Once everything is as refined as I want it to be, I begin the transfer to canvas process using a projector and my Kaweco 5.6 pencil. I've experimented in the past using printouts with transfer paper or graphite rub transferring, but they proved to be more tedious than necessary and elongated the process with lackluster results.

With the drawing transferred and ready I can begin my underpainting process and dive into painting after that :)