Photo of artist, John Eng(er) Cheng.
Photo by: EJ Cabasal

John Eng(er) Cheng
b. 1986

John Eng(er) Cheng is a Taiwanese American artist and designer born and raised in Southern California who cultivated a love for drawing at a
very young age. He continued his creative pursuits at the University of Southern California Roski School of Fine Arts and earned his Bachelor of Arts in 2009 with an emphasis in graphic design.

In 2016 he co-founded a design consultancy that focuses on developing brand identities and websites. Along side his design practice he has continued his artist practice producing works with acrylic on canvas and wood panels. John is usually within arms length of his pocket sketchbooks and can be found drawing people in his immediate
surroundings. He is influenced by the connections and relationships between people, people’s attributed values to artifacts, and how the role
of hope can drive people forward or mire them into despair. He describes his work as figurative narratives that provide kindling for questions of
what it means to be in community and relationship with one another and how we present ourselves in these contexts.

He currently continues his art and design practices in Torrance, CA.