John Eng(er) Cheng
b. 1986

B.F.A. USC Roski School of Fine Art

Lives and works in Torrance, CA with wife, son and nervous dog.

John Eng(er) Cheng (a.k.a. MadebyEnger) is a Taiwanese American artist and designer born and raised in Southern California.

His acrylic paintings capture the narratives of adolescent-esque characters navigating a world of brokenness. Along the way they collect remnants and artifacts, attempting to piece together fragments of their fading memories, driven by an insatiable void of nostalgia. Their constant accumulation stands as a testament to their unyielding longing for something beyond themselves.

With guarded hearts, they don armor to shield themselves from further pain and trauma as they hope for change and revolution – a futile attempt to reconstruct what is irretrievably lost.

His work aim to shed light on their palpable longing, urging viewers to recognize their own inherent worth and the profound significance of their struggles and yearnings.