September 21, 2023

I've been a bit stuck in the mud lately feeling pretty lost. For whatever reason any time I put pen to paper, it felt like I had never drawn before in my life. Shapes were going awry, colors were off, my style was off, and so much more.

I decided to give myself a bit of a break and shake things up a bit. Instead of picking up physical paints I've been diving back into Procreate and messing around with my digital painting chops.

The Philosophers is a painting that I started and only got as far as putting line work down on canvas. It's been sitting idle while I've taken my time completing The Popsicle — i'll share that one later.

Rather than waste a bunch of paint like I normally do to figure out colors on the spot, I decided to mess around digitally for this piece just to jog my brain a bit and this is the result.

I may change things up a bit more on canvas, but for now I'm happy with the overall feeling.