Paint Exploration

I've been very frustrated with my paintings lately. I have a very specific idea in mind of how I want my paintings to look but my current method of painting feels way too rigid.

I started looking back at artists I admire like Anders Zorn, John Singer Sargeant, Monet, Ashley Wood, and etc to try and name what it is that I like. Conversations with other artist friends have also helped me narrow the scope a bit more.

I'm way to precious and precise with my line work. Get lost in the details way too early in the game and use tiny brushes way too often.

I started using larger brushes which really rubs me the wrong way but also brings new excitement to painting.

As a result my mind has been in a state of torment trying to not fall back into my normal painting habits.

These are a few studies I've been doing messing with larger brush to canvas ratios and being more loose with my brush strokes.