8-Bit Philosophy / by john cheng

Check out the first episode of 8-Bit Philosphy exploring Plato's Allegory of the Cave. It's a very clever way to illustrate an idea to muse upon.

8-Bit Philosophy is a new web series from Napkin Note Productions that explores and explains philosophy through the use of graphics from retro video games like the original The Legend of Zelda for the Nintendo Entertainment System.

How would you handle this situation if you experienced a higher truth first hand, would you share it? On the other hand, what if you were presented with a higher truth by another person? Accept the view, explore for yourself, reject it, or maybe even persecute?

It's an interesting question to pose against yourself because it forces you to think about the last time someone tried to bring into your own life a different perspective.

Maybe I'm the one bringing a higher truth to the world...or maybe I'm the one chained down with a narrow point of view.

Source: http://www.8bitphilosophy.com/