Bossy Post-It Concept / by john cheng

Lucas Neumann de Antonio, a Brazillian design student, has created an intriguing productivity tool dubbed, Bossy. The concept combines function with the oh so familiar Post-It note with web and sync capabilities.

The paperweight looking object sits on your desk and will display three tasks at a time that syncs with various management software such as Omnifocus, Wunderlist, and Asana, as well as calendars, email and custom software to help keep you on track with all of those pesky to-dos in your day. When you finish the task, simply mark it as complete and move on to the next item.

The physical act of marking it off feels akin to the satisfying crossing out with a pen type of feeling when using a physical list. I think that is what makes this concept so appealing to me, it merges the physicality of accomplishing something with a digital management system to keep everything on track and organized.

What about using your iPhone? Yes, there is probably an app for something similar, but with the number of apps we download, or I should say that I download. The simplicity of having an object only focusing on one particular task and doing it well is quite refreshing in comparison to aniPhone that can do everything but only to a certain degree.