Illustration Inspiration / by john cheng

Illustration by Kevin Dart

I've been delving more into my illustration habit the past week or so and have been trolling through some of my favorite illustrators for inspiration.

Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson

The first and foremost source of inspiration and influence will always be Bill Watterson, illustrator and writer of Calvin and Hobbes. He probably has had the biggest influence on me because I grew up reading Calvin and Hobbes like my life depended on it. His writing is also very witty and communicates well to an audience of all ages.

After Mr. Watterson, I have a giant list of illustrators that I've come to admire but cannot list them all. For now, I'll list out the ones that I've been attracted to mostly because of their content, color choices, and style.

Illustration by Kali Ciesemier

Kali Ciesemier has beautiful illustrations for many articles as well as her own personal works. What I love about her work is the saturated colors, composition, the thumbnails that she does and the minimal usage of outlines. Her blog is also where I learned about Chris Wahl's brush packs for photoshop. You should download them if you already haven't done so.

Illustration by Kevin Dart

Kevin Dart has some amazing illustrations that I love and adore. There are also rarely any outlines in his work as he uses contrasting colors that sit next to each other to convey the illusion of lines. It is a very basic concept, but difficult to pull off in my opinion but he accomplishes it like no other. His backgrounds are also super detailed and beautiful.

Illustration by Olivia Huynh

Olivia Huynh is yet another illustrator/animator that uses minimal line work. Noticing a trend here? Her work is so full of life and her animated gifs always make me smile. I love her color choices and her composition is impeccable as well.

Illustration by Sam Bosma

Sam Bosma is the only illustrator out of this set that uses more line work, but his line work is so enticing to me mainly because of the precision and textures that are involved with his linework. He has so much variety to the characters he draws and is always pushing his limits on the amount of details he includes in his characters. When his detailed characters all come together in one giant composition, it is definitely a force to be reckoned with.

Be sure to also check out the Steven Universe tumblr to check out some more beautiful illustrations under the direction of Kevin Dart and and design of Sam Bosma if you want some more inspiration.