Support Democracy / by john cheng

Frank Hsieh, Former Prime Minister of Taiwan, on the Parliament Occupation in Taiwan. Please share, support, and pray for Taiwan during these troubling events.

The trade agreement in itself is not particularly beneficial to the citizens of Taiwan but the protests are occurring not solely because of the agreement, but the way in which the ruling was made. Democratic due process were ignored. The signing and review process must be transparent to the people and not signed in black box hidden away from the people.

Below are sitting protestors being man handled by unidentifiable police units.

Several dozens of protesters were eventually taken out — oftentimes shoved violently and dragged around — while police pushed out of the area. Protesters complained that the riot police had masked their badge numbers. Journalists who identified themselves as such and showed identification were also ordered to leave.

-the Diplomat

Badge numbers?

Please show your support and sign the petition opposing the trade agreement between Taiwan and China. Support those in Taiwan who are fighting so hard for their democratic rights.