Thanks Anime Expo 2014! / by john cheng

A really big thank you to every single person that visited my booth this past weekend at Anime Expo!!! You guys rock! Being there four days in a row was a bit rough, especially when you are sitting in the same spot for 8 hours straight. But all in all it was yet another great year of great experiences and meeting new people.

Putting freebies up on social media was definitely included in the list of great experiences. I have never done give-aways like this before, but the results where phenomenal! Below are some of the awesome people that dropped by to pick up their freebies! (I failed pretty hard the first two days by not taking photos of people who came by to pick up free stuff. Lesson learned! I also failed on the blurry phone pics.)

Last but not least, I have to thank all my friends who came to my rescue when I needed to step away from my booth. Thanks again Jono, Phil, Chris, Elisa, Sean, Luke, and Issac!!

If any of you are wondering if some of these prints will be for sale online, they will gradually be posted by next week on theShop! If you saw something you liked but isn't up online, send me a message through the contact form on this site and I'll get back to you as soon as I can. Thanks again and I hope I see you all again at next years AX!