Stay Connected / by john cheng

Last night I had the opportunity to meet up with some good friends Sean Miura and Adrian Wong. Both of these guys are super talented in their fields whose minds are a rich gold mine of ideas, concepts, and ambition. It's been a while since I've had conversations about art and culture and the implications behind the concepts that construct these topics.

Recently I've been holed up in my own world, trying to create on a schedule while simultaneously maintaining a full-time job and working on freelance gigs. Although the drive is there and gradually bearing the fruits of my labor, it gets physically and emotionally draining. It was definitely refreshing and a good change of pace meeting up with a couple of friends.

Our lives are made to interact with one another and it is a lesson that I'm continually learning as I progress through this life of mine. Work is challenging, but friend will always challenge you more and mold you into a person that is better than you were the day before because they can see you from a perspective outside of you. Stay connected with friends! Especially those that will challenge you and provoke you in a productive manner. Surround yourself with good people and your life will be that much more satisfying.

It was great hanging out with you guys and we should do it again!