Tiny Tiny Tiny Hand Knit Sweaters...And I mean Tiny / by john cheng

Althea Crome knits tiny sweaters that sometimes require knitting needles close to the width of a single human hair! This skill can take weeks or months to churn out one sweater which make it hard to imaging how long it took for her to make some of the prop sweaters in the film Coraline. I knew that Coraline was detail oriented, but who knew it was that detailed!

Don't think that just because they're small she cut out bits a pieces of a pattern, but rather she knits everything down to 1:12 scale on every stitch. That is no easy feat! My mind is blown.

Feel like trying your hand...er...fingers at it? You can purchase some of her patterns here.

And well, if you just can't do tiny, then just go big. Wall Street Journal Live has this video on how to knit a sweater with your arms. From one extreme to another!

Source: http://www.core77.com