Google Gla...contacts? / by john cheng


Google glass was a strange blend between "great idea" and "that's just plain ugly..." But it's also hard to admit that without the advent of Google Glass, we wouldn't have gotten this influx of various wearable tech. It is probably a good beg that wearable tech will only get better and broader and more useful than telling us we need "fuel" or having our wrist beep when we can just pull out our phone to find out we have a message.

One of these useful things that Google is developing is very much the younger and cooler sibling of Google Glass, and since I don't see any name for it yet I'm just going to call it Google Lense for now. Its a contact lenses that will measure the glucose levels in diabetics' tears. That my friends, is a brilliant idea!

Having diabetics in my family as well as having a college room mate with diabetes, it was always difficult to see them prick their fingers each time in order to check their glucose levels. I can't imaging having to stab my finger tip everyday and this seems like a much better alternative, especially if you already wear contacts. Goodbye pins and needles!