DIY: Glowtable by john cheng

If you find yourself with some time on your hands and some wood that has tons of voids. Get some glow powder and make yourself a glow in the dark dining table this weekend! You can find the full step by step process on Instructables.

Check out the instructable: http://www.instructables.com/id/Glow-table/ Really light up your next dinner party with a table that glows in the dark! Photoluminescent (glow) powder mixed with clear casting resin fills the the naturally formed voids in this Pecky Cypress hardwood, creating a unique and stunning table.

TÄLJA by john cheng

Pause now.
Step aside from modern life.
Relax your mind with Tälja.

Are you stressed and looking for a creative outlet of sorts? Or maybe you just want a simple craft project. Tälja is a simple kit that provides all the materials you need to carve some wood all while relaxing your mind.

Creative meditation for human beings. Tälja – the swedish word for woodcarving and also the name of a special little woodcarving kit Buy Tälja at: www.hellotalja.com

We Are What We Do by john cheng

A great video on master craftsman Eric Hollenbeck using his workshop as a remedy. Hollenbeck teaches kids who have been kicked out of reform schools multiple times and shows them how to make things. Watch the video to hear why he does what he does.