Xavier Aston by john cheng

Watches and Kickstarter seem to have found a happy marriage. I've seen a number of watches now on Kickstarter and they all have something great to offer. Xavier Aston is one of such watches. I think what really catches my attention is the ability to switch out their straps.

Watch straps have always been a problem for me since I love using leather straps, but they get worn out fairly quickly because of all the use I get out of them. These straps on Xavier Aston watches would provide a simple solution to switching out watch bands rather than heading out to a jeweler just to change a strap.

Check out their campaign and decide for yourself if this is a watch suitable for you!

Nomos Glashuette Watches by john cheng

Watches are extremely intricate devices that have the ability to capture our most abstract commodity of time. Catch a glimpse of the process of creating one of the most beautiful pieces of machinery man has created that is now being replaced by the clocks on our phones.

Plenty of tradition and handcraft-combined with high-tech, where it outperforms handcraft: That is NOMOS Glashütte. All our movements are built in-house and by ourselves in Glashütte. This also applies to our watches-Tangente, Orion, Zürich and all the other models-many of which are already considered classics.