J. L. Lawson & Co. Brass Shaving Brush by john cheng

I love shopping at J. L. Lawson & Co. mostly for their spin tops, but now I have yet another thing I would like to purchase from them. This is such a beautifully crafted shaving brush that I think I'll want to replace mine for this one. Well, maybe I'll wait for when the silver finish comes out.

Adobe's Project Mighty by john cheng

Yesterday I posted about the 53 Pencil and how I wouldn't really use a stylus to draw on a tablet. But Adobe may just convince me otherwise with Project Mighty. They have gone through with thorough detail on how people use their tablet to draw and created a stylus and application that make sketching on a tablet much more precise. I'll have to keep my eye on this.

Finisterre Cold Water Surf Knife by john cheng

I'm not a surfer nor do I spend my time in cold waters, but I do love a sensible tool. The packaging for this knife is also very beautiful in my eyes. Finisterre, a Cornwall-based surf brand has designed a knife only with function in mind. Together with Joseph Rodgers and Sons, with over 300 years of experience crafting blades, Finisterre has created an extremely simple and elegant tool to include in any outdoor kit. 

Ledr: Taming Tool Chaos by john cheng

As an artist, tools are a very important part of my life and keeping them organized can sometime be a challenge.

Ledr, by Dave & Calvin Laituri seems to solve that problem with a very simple and elegant solution. I love roll organizers because it lays all your tools out for you to see rather than the conventional pencil case in which you have to dig through in order to find that one specific pencil you're looking to use.

There are 34 days left to go on this kickstarter campaign! Check it out and see if you want to back this project!

High School Students Solve Watery Ketchup Problem by john cheng

If you're still wondering what the benefits are of affordable 3D printers and what purpose they may serve, this video may be able to help illustrate that benefit. These are two high school students, Tyler Richards and Jonathan Thompson, who had a problem with the initial watery ketchup on the first squeeze. By having the tools of 3d rendering software and and 3d printer readily at their fingertips, they were able to take a problem, come up with an idea for a solution and form their concept into a working prototype.

Young minds are full of creativity and if we can equip them with the proper tools and education, I'm sure they can solve many, many problems no matter how big or small. Well done Richards and Thompson.

Scandinavian Damascus Steel Knife by john cheng

I just love the way damascus steel looks. There is just something about the wavy pattern that is just so beautiful to me, not to mention the labor intensive process behind making that pattern. I'm not talking about laser etching the pattern, but actually the cutting, folding and forging of the steel to get the end result.

The original method of producing damascus steel however, has been lost. Modern attempts to duplicate the steel, originating from India around 300BC, have not been entirely successful. Regardless, modern attempts are just as beautiful.

Prototypo Beta by john cheng

Prototypo is a WYSIWYG font designing software that uses sliders to customize ascenders, descenders, serifs, and much more. What do you think about it? Is this another tool for us designers to take advantage of, or is this going to be yet another reason that makes everyone feel like a designer just because they have a new shiny tool? Just because you have a camera doesn't mean you are a photographer. It does look like a lot of fun to play with and potentially a very good teaching tool for young type designers.