Akufuncture: Guan Yu by john cheng

Akufuncture is curating a Gallery opening featuring artworks revolving around Guan Yu at General Lee's in Chinatown. Akufuncture was kind enough to invite me to participate in this awesome event so be sure to show support to local artists as well as to Akufuncture on Feb 20th at 9 p.m.

Guan Yu, or Guan Gong as I know him, holds a very nostalgic place in my heart. Whenever I see his red face, instead of thinking of a great general, I remember the Taiwanese puppet shows that my dad used to take me to see. I remember one time when my dad came home from a business trip from Taiwan and bought a Guan Gong puppet to give to me and play with.

In case you're wondering what a Taiwanese puppet show looks like.

Tool Pen by john cheng

Taipei-based design team, mininch, has created the Tool Pen that is very reminiscent of the pencils that I used to have as a child where the pencil tip can be removed, brought to the back of the pencil, reinserted to reveal a new fresh nib.

Super clever way to remix a gimmicky pencil with a basic tool to create something much more functional. They have already reached far beyond their goal but there are only 5 days left on this Kickstarter campaign to get your own.

Well done my Taiwanese brethren!