Mac Premo: Stuff Maker by john cheng

Mac Premo, stuff-maker, talks about his outlook on life, caring about the little stuff and the reason behind why he makes stuff.

Profile on Mac Premo, multiple award winning artist and American stuffmaker. See his work Made by

The 86 Square-foot Apartment by john cheng

Apartment hunting is always a difficult matter. You are always trying to find the perfect amount of space in the perfect area and at the perfect price. What about if space isn't an option, how would you feel living in an 86 square foot apartment? What if it was designed well with function in mind? Check out this tiny, tiny, tiny apartment deep in the heart of Paris redesigned by Kitoko to become a high functioning tiny apartment space.

You can discover in the video how we found a way to turn a tiny room (8 sqm) in Paris into a really functional and easy to live apartment (maybe the tiniest one in town). Vous pouvez désormais découvrir la vidéo de la chambre de bonne (8m2) à Paris, un très petit appartement fonctionnel et facile à vivre (sûrement le plus petit appartement de la ville).

KAWS' New Brooklyn Studio by Masamichi Katayama by john cheng

All photos by NACÁSA & PARTNERS INC. VIA Spoon-Tamago

Artist Brian Donnelly, KAWS, has a new studio in Williamsburg designed by Masamichi Katayama of Wonder Wall. Katayama was also the architect that designed the Original Fake store in Tokyo back in 2006. 

I love seeing the studios of artists and getting a glimpse of the space that they work in. I would love to one day also have a giant studio to work out of that is separate from my home. One day...

Nunovit Comics Did a Mini Profile of Me by john cheng

A big THANK YOU to Nunovit Comics for making this mini profile video of me. It was really fun hanging out with you guys and talking about all sorts of stuff. Hope to do it again in the future!

A mini glimpse into the mind of artist, illustrator, designer John Cheng / Interviewed by Jackie Chang from Nunovit Comics, an indie comic, design and illustration anthology / Cinematography by Naveen Chaubal / Song: House by Kindness See Confabulation with John Cheng - Part 1: Nunovit Cover here: