Drilling Lab: Clamp Ring by john cheng

Do you love bikes? I feel like if you love biking and you also have a taste for jewelry with an industrial aesthetic, you'll like these clamp rings by Drilling Lab. It's pretty much what it sounds like, it's a clamp, but also a ring and it can be assembled or taken apart. Looks pretty fun to play and fiddle with. The packaging for this beauty is also very well suited for this product.

I feel like my friend Howard would like something like this.

Nod Gesture Control Ring by john cheng

I had posted about a gesture based wearable tech Ring in the past, and it seems like someone else also had a similar idea. Nod gesture control ring is designed to use your hand movements and translate them into commands, allowing you to control devices and applications. Upon watching the video, I can tell you already that I want one. For what reason you ask? So that I don't have to scroll though each letter when typing my username and password for applications like Netflix or Hulu. It also kind of reminds me of Minority Report.

Some of the specs for the $150 ring include an accelerometer, gyroscope, compass and temperature sensor, responsive to capacitive touch, 24 hour battery life, it's waterproof and comes in 12 sizes.

Ring: Shortcut Everything by john cheng

Wearable tech is what everyone seems to be talking about lately. Ring seems like it brings in a more natural approach to how wearable tech should function by simply allowing you to 'write' in the air. What do you think? Is it better to have another HUD located on your wrist or is it better to have tech that allows you to input commands immediately?

If you like their concept check out more info on how it works at their kickstarter page. Their funding period is already over, but it'll be fun to track its progress in the wearable tech realm.