prop sword

Wind Waker Mastersword Prop by john cheng

The past few weeks, I've been watching Inside Adam Savage's Cave on
and have been extremely inspired to make things again. I loved making things as a child, experimenting with materials in college, and I still do occasionally make things. But my day job, freelancing, painting, and life in general have taken most of my time.

But after watching Adam Savage work on side projects on top of doing Mythbusters and seeing a glimpse of what goes on in his head, I've found that I have no excuse not to make things. If I enjoy creating and making objects, then I should make the time to do it.

And so the first project that I've dived into immediately is making the Wind Waker Mastersword. I love the way the blade is out of proportion to the other Zelda games, but that is exactly why I wanted to build it.

Initially i was going to build the frame of the blade out of cut and flattened pvc, but that was way too much work for something so simple and also too heavy. Instead I used chipboard to line up where the edge of the blade would be and glue gun thicker pieces of foam core on either side to give the blade a bit more depth.

The next step was to use bondo and fill the space between the foam core and the chip board. I purchased bondo from Home Depot, but I failed to pay attention to details and picked up Bondo-Glass, which I think is fiberglass reinforced bondo. Since I had already purchased it, I figured i would just give it a go, mostly because i was too lazy to go back to home depot.

That was definitely a mistake because upon drying, the bondo-glass was way to difficult to sand and far too heavy for the light weight foam core blade tang to hold up. I ended up throwing it away and starting over once I picked up a new bucket of bondo filler.

Bondo filler was be far much easier to sand and also to somewhat remedy the weight strain issue on the tang, I cut out a small middle portion of the tang so that i could fill it with bondo on both sides. I will most likely be making a mold of this later on but for now it will hold. The blade itself still has many gaps and holes that I will need to clean up with more bondo, but I'm leaving that for later as I continue to cut out pieces of foam core for the hilt of the sword. Once all of the base pieces are cut, I'll continue to bondo and sand until it is to my liking, and begin making molds of each piece.

I have a long way to go, but so far its been really fun to figure out how to complete this project. I'll post more later on when I'm further along in the project.