The Floyd Leg by john cheng

I want these so bad! The Floyd Leg would have helped me out so much a few years back when I made my work table in my studio. I ended using a butcher block surface and ikea adjustable legs, but screwing those legs in was the most difficult thing ever. If i had a set of these, I would have turned a 2 hour job of just trying to get screws into the butcher block into a quick 15 min assembly by just clamping the legs on. Such a great design and solution to a common problem we all have. Now I just need to figure out what surface I can use to make a coffee table...

Parallax Effect by john cheng

Curious on how to create motion in still photographs? London-based artist, Joe Fellows does a quick walk through of the basic principles of creating a parallax effect using still photographs. All you need is working knowledge of Adobe Photoshop and After Effects.

Learn how to create motion in still photographs, a technique made popular in the film The Kid Stays In The Picture. In the tutorial above, Joe Fellows shows us how he's able to bring photos to life using the parallax effect with Photoshop and After Effects.

Here is the final animation as well as a video Fellows brought to life for the World Wildlife Fund.

This Parallax animation was created for a tutorial and interview for The Creators Project.

By manipulating still photos from the WWF archive we created these stunning slow motion shots. We have created a stand alone film by combining the 'parallax' shots from 2 existing films produced by AD Hoc Films for WWF. Animation/compositing: Producer: Daniel Glynn- photographic credits: Client: Ad Hoc Films for WWF Music: Snow Patrol "What If This Storm Ends?" (Aaron Static Remix)