Connecting: Makers by john cheng

Maker culture is making a big comeback whether people know it or not. We live in an age where we can create physical objects that were once only digital concepts by way of 3D printing and these tools are sparking the imaginations of our youth that are not stunted by production limitations.

I definitely consider myself a maker and love to create for the sake of creating. Making things that will solve problems that I have or making just to make something beautiful. We are entering a future that allows us, as a collective, to impact the ecosystem that we live in to improve all aspects of our lives based off the small things that we imagine and make day to day. So bottom line, go out and make something!

Leather Crafting by john cheng

Being a maker means that you are constantly crafting and thinking of new projects to accomplish. Most of the time is is to create something that will fulfill a need that is currently missing. In my case it was something that would hold my signet ring when I wasn't wearing it.

I have found myself on numerous occasions taking off my ring and either putting it in my pocket or storing it in my backpack when im working on a project that may potentially ruin the ring. The only problem with storing it in my bag is that the ring is tiny in comparison to the deep recesses of my bag and I end up digging around or pouring out all the contents of my bag in order to find my lost treasure.

To solve this problem Iooked to my keys which have a key chain from Makr that has a leather piece attached to make it easier to hold. Voila! I needed something to make the ring bulkier when it is stored in my bag making it easier to find when I went looking for it.

Now to the the sketch book! I started sketching out various ideas of how to solve this problem and created a few renderings that I could use as reference to consult my good friend Howard Ming.

Howard is a friend that I met back in college who now loves the art of leather crafting and has many a side projects on the side which made him the obvious choice to ask for help from. So this past weekend I was able to find some time to head over to his place to dig through his tools and play around with a few different materials and finishings.

All in all the project was a success, it is much easier to find my ring when I toss it into my bag and it was a quick 1 hour build. Honestly, did I really need to make something like this to hold my ring? No, completely uncecessary, but I'm glad I did because I learned how to use a new material and learned about the various tools needed to make a successful product. I hope you enjoyed this!

Upholstered Furniture And A Desire To Learn by john cheng

I'm a strong believer in understanding how things work. How are things made, where are they made, what tools are needed, what craft is involved and etc. I used to believe that this type of thinking was the result of my years of education in an arts environment, but as of late, I've realized that this attitude and curiosity of mine was instilled by my father. My father used to take me to factories in Taiwan and show me where automotive parts were made. He taught me the process of production by showing me the machines that pressed sheets of steel in to shaped components that would fit into a car.

As a clear result of how my father has influenced me, I love watching process videos and seeing how things are made. Watch and see how upholstered furniture comes together piece by piece.

Thanks dad for instilling the desire to learn in me!