Nope by john cheng

I have been one of those people that have been made fun of for having a piece of tape stuck over my laptop camera. I would love to get one of these. Simple solution and a lot more elegant than a piece of tape. Check out Nope on Kickstarter, fund this project and keep cyber peeping toms from snapping pictures of you while you sleep!

Magnote by john cheng

I love my sketchbooks and the Moleskine has been my book of choice for a very long time. Currently, however, I've been using a Baron Fig and its been pretty good so far. It feels like my moleskine, but my only wish for the Baron Fig book is the elastic band that keeps the book closed mostly because I toss my book around alot.

Moving on! A new notebook as surfaced on Kickstarter. The Magnote! This is very intriguing to me because I've always liked the idea of carrying around various notebooks that have different purposes. One for sketching, one for notes and one, for misc and etc. The only problem with that is the idea of carrying around three separate books. The Magnote however can attach to each other! How cool is that?!?! I'm probably going to have to get my hands on one of these. I wonder how much they would cost under normal non-kickstarter standards.

Double O | Bike Light by john cheng

Double O bike lights are a brilliant design by Paul Cocksedge. The lights are designed as 'O's and are attached to your bike via magnets. The one design choice that really struck me as genius was the decision to make them in the shape of an 'O' so that when you leave your bike, you simply remove your lights and lock them with your u-lock. No more carrying around bike lights!