Tested: Felt Creatures with Woolbuddy by john cheng

Norm from Tested interviews Jackie Huang from "Woolbuddies" at WonderCon 2015. I saw this guy a few years back at Dcon and his kits are amazing. I'm thinking about buying a kit again!

If you're looking for a fun weekend project or a fun DIY gift for someone, this is definitely a fun project to pick up.

At WonderCon, we meet up with Jackie Huang, an artist who sculpts with felt to create fantastic creatures. Jackie's "Woolbuddies" take the form of everything from adorable owls to giant dragons and even an R2-D2 droid. We learn about the felting process and get a quick demo!

Cardboard Skull by john cheng

I've been wanting to buy a model skull to keep at home as reference when drawing, but this looks much more fun than any plain old skull because you have the build it yourself! Check out the Vince Human Skull by Cardboard Safari designed by artist Nate Main.

TÄLJA by john cheng

Pause now.
Step aside from modern life.
Relax your mind with Tälja.

Are you stressed and looking for a creative outlet of sorts? Or maybe you just want a simple craft project. Tälja is a simple kit that provides all the materials you need to carve some wood all while relaxing your mind.

Creative meditation for human beings. Tälja – the swedish word for woodcarving and also the name of a special little woodcarving kit Buy Tälja at: