5 Years In Prison for Vandalizing Vandalism by john cheng

David William Noll may face 5 years in prison for vandalizing two Banksy pieces in Los Angeles. The irony in this is just too much, similar to the artist who broke one of Ai Wei Wei's vases at a show that depicted Wei himself breaking a vase.

At the end of the day, you do have to question both sides for their actions. First, why would Noll post video of himself on Youtube committing the act. Secondly, why would you charge someone for vandalizing vandalism? Unless of course this is completely just press fodder and the reality of the situation is that Noll is being charged for graffiti itself.


Irony in Ai Wei Wei's Vases by john cheng

Maximo Caminero, while visiting the Perez Art Museum in Miami, was charged with criminal mischief after breaking the $1m vase in the Ai Wei Wei exhibit. According to Caminero, the reason for his actions was to protest against the museum for not showing enough local artist work.


The irony in this is that Chinese artist Ai Wei Wei has artwork up at the exhibition where he himself is dropping a Han Dynasty Urn. Wei Wei's justification of the entire scenario is that he owned the vases he smashed where as Caminero destroyed property of someone else.

This whole thing is quite funny to me and while I am a big fan of Ai Wei Wei, I would have thought him to applaud Caminero on his 'performance protest.'

What do you think?