Lifted: No. 1 by john cheng

Click the image to read the comic.

Click the image to read the comic.

I haven't posted in a very long time, but I felt like sharing what I had worked on towards the end of last year. It had been a long time coming, but I really wanted to try writing a comic where I could pour in all of my random interests and create a world where I could vicariously have fantastical adventures through. 

The process of writing and illustrating it myself was quite a learning experience and I'd like to do more of it in the future and hope that I get better at it too. I was originally going to keep it to myself, but I figured ... why not? You can click the image above to read the comic. I hope you enjoy it!

If you happen to really like the comic and want a physical copy, you can purchase one through by clicking the thumbnail of the cover.

A Walk in the Forrest by john cheng

"Life is too short and passes in the blink of an eye. Remember to enjoy each and every second of it because you'll never get it back. And if you can't enjoy your current situation, have the courage to change your attitude about it and also to take action, if possible, to alter the course of your current circumstance."

I really like the look of the Amazing World of Gumball on Cartoon Network with how they place illustrated characters on top of photo backgrounds. I thought I would give it a try with some stock photography I downloaded. Maybe I'll start a new side project?