hip hop

Steezy by john cheng

Are you a dancer? Do you want to get more connected with the dance community? You should probably check out Steezy then. Urban dance culture has been fast growing and competitive teams and communities are forming everywhere. Steezy, formed by good friends, Evan Zhou, Alvina Ng and more awesomely talented dancers, gives back to the dance community and bridges the gaps between them creating an environment for growth, knowledge and insights of urban dance.

Check out their blog as well for video, interviews, and more like this one of Sorah Yang!

Final Fantasy Dance Battle: Kinjaz vs Quest by john cheng

Back in college, I was on a competitive hip hop dance team. Those were some fun times. It makes videos like this very very nostalgic for me. Thanks Greg Lee for sharing!

In case you're wondering...I was a horrible dancer. And no, I'm not trying to be modest, haha I sucked.