Satya Twena Hats by john cheng

Satya Twena made hats out of her apartment, as well as using a local hat production factory's resources to make more hats. But when she found out the factory suddenly closed, she raised enough money to save the factory. Now, it not just a factory that makes her hats, it's her factory.

Artist/Designer: HEIDILEE by john cheng

To continue in the spirit of re-purposing, mad hatter Heidi Lee hunts for materials to use in creating unique hats.

When we imagine a hat-maker, a cigar-smoking old craftsman with steam presses and piles of felt make up the image that jumps to mind. Our recent visit with H E I D I L E E founder Heidi Lee turned that notion upside down. Lee, who constructs wild hats to match her equally zany personality, works out of a small studio and has a range of headwear that straddles the line of high fashion and experimental, mad scientist. In our latest video we spent some time with Lee to learn about her process, inspiration and philosophy.