Type Face Vision by john cheng

As a person who relies heavily my vision for the type of work that I do, I find it very worrisome that my eyesight gets worse and worse with each passing moment. There really isn't much to help that other than to take consistent breaks, walk outside and look out into the distance and get your eyes checked regularly.

But one upside for needed glasses is the fun you get when picking out glasses! I've recently been obsessed with the older style of round glasses, I think they were very popular during the WWII era mostly because they were standard issue. I stumbled across this style of glasses that I'm partial to over the internets and found myself quite elated!

TYPE is a Japanese eyewear brand that takes its design inspiration from typefaces. The brand is launching on January 30, 2014 with two styles, Helvetica and Garamond, which are available in varying “weights” (regular, bold), and come in a variety of colors and lenses. TYPE is a collaboration of ad agency Weiden + Kennedy Tokyo and eyewear company Oh My Glasses.

-Laughing Squid