Kawara Chair: Recycled Japanese Roof Tiles by john cheng

Designer Tsuyoshi Kawara has taken old Japanese Roof tiles and reused them to create the Kawara Chair. These beautiful tiles are fired and 1200 degrees Celsius, resulting in the ability to hold the weight of a person up to 250 lbs. The Tiles are set on a beautiful wooden frame and come in a variety of different glazes.

The Glenlivet Nàdurra Dram Chair by john cheng

Glenlivet has been crafting Nàdurra — Gaelic for “natural” — whiskey since 1824 and to celebrate its heritage, they have commissioned British furniture designer Gareth Neal to create the Nàdurra Dram Chair. Check out the video to see the process behind creating this beautiful chair.

The Glenlivet is proud to present a stunning Dram Chair, hand-crafted by award-winning designer Gareth Neal, and inspired by our purest expression, the Nàdurra.

Upholstered Furniture And A Desire To Learn by john cheng

I'm a strong believer in understanding how things work. How are things made, where are they made, what tools are needed, what craft is involved and etc. I used to believe that this type of thinking was the result of my years of education in an arts environment, but as of late, I've realized that this attitude and curiosity of mine was instilled by my father. My father used to take me to factories in Taiwan and show me where automotive parts were made. He taught me the process of production by showing me the machines that pressed sheets of steel in to shaped components that would fit into a car.

As a clear result of how my father has influenced me, I love watching process videos and seeing how things are made. Watch and see how upholstered furniture comes together piece by piece.

Thanks dad for instilling the desire to learn in me!

The Ban Table by john cheng

Ania Wolowska named this piece the Ban table, as a tribute to the ingenious designs of Shigeru Ban. This is such a beautiful table and elegantly designed with a minimal approach. The table has no screws, dowels, or glue to hold it together but rather uses traditional joinery techniques found all over the world. I would really love one of these for myself, but I doubt I could afford it.

Japanese Shipbuilding Technique Inspired Furniture By Jin Kuramoto by john cheng

As I get older, I find my interests shifting. One of those shifts is furniture. When I was younger, I hated going to furniture stores with my parents. I would trudge along bored or run around the store jumping and hiding on and around whatever pieces of furniture that could hold my weight. Now I find myself admiring various pieces of furniture wishing they were in my possession, but alas, it is yet another thing that I really don't need.

These articles of furniture inspired by Japanese shipbuilding techniques, by Jin Kuramoto and  Claesson Koivisto, have really caught my eye. They are extremely elegant even in though they are in the most pure form. There really is no fluff here, just the beauty of their base structure. See for yourself below or check them out in person if you are anywhere near the Stockholm Furniture Fair where they are on display.