Add Neon to your Holiday Decor by john cheng

If you're looking for a project to make your holidays a bit more neon, check out Becky Stern from Adafruit who has a tutorial on how to add neon names to Christmas stockings.

Becky Stern builds an illuminated Xmas stocking, read more to learn how to make your own: https://learn.adafruit.com/el-wire-stocking More EL wire videos: All About Electroluminescent Materials - EL Wire, EL Tape, EL Panel!

Mobile Relationships by john cheng

Last night I had the pleasure of having dinner with some family whom I have not seen in a while. We came to a point in our conversation where we talked about how digital media, technological advancements have quite literally invaded our lives. We are so engrossed with satiating our insatiable appetite for new digital content that we fail to realize that the more important things in life are beginning to slip away. The conversations that should exist between two people during dinner is lost because the phone pinged with an instagram update. We hide behind our smartphones in public spaces because its easier to get lost in the digital sphere rather than interact with interesting strangers standing in the same queue. My intent is not to point fingers because I, if anyone, is most guilty of this. My challenge to everyone in this era is to set aside our devices and really experience the world the way it was made to be experienced. Through the lenses of our own two eyes, the sensations of our touch, the melodies through our ears and the aromas that reach our nose and tongue.