Sold Art Lithography by john cheng

Watch the amazing process behind Ella & Pitr lithographs created the old-fashioned way. This video makes me want to try it out for myself!

Sold Art présente la première lithographie rehaussée à la main de Ella & Pitr. Éditée à 30 exemplaires, signée et numérotée par les artistes. Imprimé sur une presse lithographique Marinoni-Voirin Disponible sur www.soldart.com Sold Art presents the first lithography hand embellished by Ella & Pitr. Limited edition of 30, signed and numbered by the artists. Available on www.soldart.com Filmé et édité par : Benoit Roche Musiques : Nine Inch Nails-28 Ghosts IV & Kaffé, Crème : soundcloud.com/kaffecreme Merci à l'imprimeur : www.urdla.com et au lithographe : Marc Melzassard Merci Ella & Pitr : www.papierspeintres.net

Aaron Draplin Designs a Logo by john cheng

Aaron Draplin of Field Notes was asked by Lynda.com to go through the process of designing a logo. I love his process because this is pretty much exactly how I work. I always encourage new up and coming designers to use pencil and paper rather than going directly into the computer and mocking things up.

Be sure to watch until the very end and get Draplin's bits of advice about freelancing.

Watch more like this at lynda.com/vimeo. Most logos aren't designed in fifteen minutes, but most designers aren't Aaron Draplin. Aaron's a Portland fixture by way of the Midwest, the owner of Draplin Design Co., and an advocate of "blue collar" design: design that works. Here he takes our logo design challenge, creating a dozen iterations of a logo for a fictional construction company. Not inspired? Just wait. Watch as he sketches, brings his ideas into Illustrator, and tests and tunes the different iterations. The logos Aaron creates prove design can elevate any company or brand. Along the way, he provides tips for freelancing, finding inspiration, and providing clients context for logos that won't just live in PDFs.

T-Shirts? by john cheng

I've been playing with Daily Feels for a bit now and it's been really fun. But while doing these illustrations day to day, I suddenly had the strongest desire to make a shirt of JohnJohn. It probably won't be until the end of the year/beginning of next year that I'll be able to get these made but what are your thoughts? Should I do it? Would you even want one?

Daily Feels by john cheng

I'm not sure if many people have noticed a new tab in the navigation bar of my site called Daily Feels, and if you haven't, you should check it out!

Daily feels is a caricature of myself, whom I call JohnJohn, that I try to update daily for all the days that I am working and in front of a computer.

Who knows though, I may branch out further and have him do other things besides sitting in front of a computer. So be sure to check out that tab every so often to see what JohnJohn is up to.

Adobe's Project Mighty by john cheng

Yesterday I posted about the 53 Pencil and how I wouldn't really use a stylus to draw on a tablet. But Adobe may just convince me otherwise with Project Mighty. They have gone through with thorough detail on how people use their tablet to draw and created a stylus and application that make sketching on a tablet much more precise. I'll have to keep my eye on this.

Back to the Basics by john cheng


I have been staring at my computer for far too long lately. From my day job designing to more designing after work at home. As a result of constantly using digital means to create work, my drawing hand has become rusty. Last night I picked up my brush again after a couple of weeks of not painting, and had a very frustrating non-productive evening.

What I sought to accomplish on my painting did not occur, but rather I made many bad marks that I now need to revisit and do over. What is the lesson learned from this? I need to draw more and physically render with my hands rather than constantly be stuck behind a screen.

The concept of physically creating with your own two hands is not new to me, but with the constant barrage of new technology being born, I find myself needing to be more intentional with doing more analog work. So in the case of drawing and painting, use it or you really might just lose it.

New goal: draw something everyday, even if its just a tiny doodle.

Nunovit Comics Did a Mini Profile of Me by john cheng

A big THANK YOU to Nunovit Comics for making this mini profile video of me. It was really fun hanging out with you guys and talking about all sorts of stuff. Hope to do it again in the future!

A mini glimpse into the mind of artist, illustrator, designer John Cheng / www.johnengcheng.com Interviewed by Jackie Chang from Nunovit Comics, an indie comic, design and illustration anthology / www.nunovit.com Cinematography by Naveen Chaubal / www.naveenchaubal.com Song: House by Kindness See Confabulation with John Cheng - Part 1: Nunovit Cover here: http://vimeo.com/nunovit/confab-johncheng-1

Artist: Vince Low by john cheng

Check out artist Vince Low's scribble art. He makes portraits by scribbling and captures the very essence of his subjects. If you like his work, they are available for purchase!

Remember to do what you like, and like what you do.
— Vince Low

Nunovit: John Cheng by john cheng

Big thanks to Jackie Chang of Nunovit for creating this confabulation vid of me and to Naveen Chaubal for the cinematography. Part 2 will be coming soon. Can't wait to see the rest!

By the way, it's is very, very strange to hear yourself talk...

The City Exposed: Andres Amador by john cheng

Andres Amador creates beautiful ephemeral earthscapes on the beaches of San Francisco using small leaf rakes. Some people become lawyers, some people become doctors, and some people just need to create. Watch Amador as he creates beautiful works of art that will vanish before your eyes when the tide comes back in.