DIY Mini BB-8 by john cheng

As many should know by now, BB-8 the spherical droid, is not cgi. The droid is an actual physical object that the actors were able to interact with. BB-8 has been developed with the aid of Sphero the company that developed the smartphone controlled RC ball.

Well Christian Poulsen has already hacked said RC ball into a mini BB-8! If you want to build your own little BB-8, Poulsen has a breakdown on how to make one at Make:

Playing catch with my home made BB-8 Droid. Check out more of my work here: And the building process here:

How to Care for Your Raw Denim Jeans with Mr. Porter x Michael Williams by john cheng

Michael Williams, founder of A Continuous Lean, was asked by Mr. Porter to create a short tutorial on how to properly care for your raw denim jeans. I think I've been caring for my jeans completely incorrectly. Time to change my jean care habits.

Denim aficionado Mr Michael Williams of A Continuous Lean offers a definitive care guide, busting a few myths in the process

How To Make Kill Bill's 'F*ck U' Shoes by john cheng

If you are a fan of Kill Bill and noticed the detail of "the Bride's" shoes and reallllly want a pair for yourselves, I highly recommend watching this video. They'll give you all the info and files you need to work on this weekend project. Purty cool!

This video was brought to you by Premium memberships on Tested. Thanks to our members who've supported us. Learn more about memberships here: In Quentin Tarantino's Kill Bill, one detail that appears on-screen for only a second are the soles of Uma Thurman's shoes.

HomeMade Modern: Copper Coffee Maker by john cheng

I know for sure there are plenty of you out there that would take the time to make this DIY Copper Coffee Maker. Especially those of you who love pour over coffee. Check out this awesome tutorial by Ben Uyeda from HomeMade Modern to create said copper coffee maker and start planning your weekend project now!

This is the first video of our CoffeeScapes series that will features different ways to make the things that make our coffee. This copper pipe pour over device is held together with epoxy so soldiering equipment and skills are not required. Copper pipe can be cut with a tube cutter making this project possible without a single powertool.

DIY: Pipe Shelving by john cheng

Whose looking for a new home improvement project to work on in 2015? If you need some extra shelving in your home, then this just may be the perfect project for you. Start gathering your supplies and refer to Walter Warren of Warren & Goodin, Inc. who has a great Instructables on how to create said shelving, and wait for it...these have lights!

DIY Leather Ring by john cheng

There is not much time left before Christmas! If you need a few more stocking stuffers, try making some of these leather rings presented by Inspire to make! Really easy to make and the tools are also very easy to come by. Try it out!

The art of making a simple leather ring. More pictures at - DIY leather ring #DIY #craft #leathercraft #design #doityourself cómo hacer un anillo cómo hacer un anillo de cuero

DIY: Glowtable by john cheng

If you find yourself with some time on your hands and some wood that has tons of voids. Get some glow powder and make yourself a glow in the dark dining table this weekend! You can find the full step by step process on Instructables.

Check out the instructable: Really light up your next dinner party with a table that glows in the dark! Photoluminescent (glow) powder mixed with clear casting resin fills the the naturally formed voids in this Pecky Cypress hardwood, creating a unique and stunning table.

DIY Martini Sword by john cheng

Holiday parties are coming up soon! Why not impress your friends with some martini swords that you made yourselves? Or maybe you can craft the perfect set of mini swords for your friend's mini bar as a Christmas gift! Either way, it's still a fun weekend project. Check out Inspire to Make to nail down the process yourself!

How to make a Mini Sword out of nail. Website: Facebook: Twitter: Music:

Add Neon to your Holiday Decor by john cheng

If you're looking for a project to make your holidays a bit more neon, check out Becky Stern from Adafruit who has a tutorial on how to add neon names to Christmas stockings.

Becky Stern builds an illuminated Xmas stocking, read more to learn how to make your own: More EL wire videos: All About Electroluminescent Materials - EL Wire, EL Tape, EL Panel!

DIY Bullet Headphones by john cheng

Monday! That means it's time to start thinking about your next weekend project! The next time you head to the shooting range, be sure to save a couple bullet casings to make a custom enclosure for your earbuds!

Website: Facebook: Music: I would like to say big thank you to all of you guys for amazing support and your comments. And to do that I'm giving away this pair of custom made headphones for free. I will send them anywhere in the world.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens by john cheng

By now everyone has seen the Star Wars Awakening Trailer, however, we have another year until it comes out. But that means you have one year to gather supplies and make your own lightsaber hilt to bring to the opening! Check out the trailer again as well as some other videos to give you some inspiration for your own lightsaber builds!

Weekend Project: Concrete Bar by john cheng

Since it's Thanksgiving weekend, you'll probably have enough people around to help out with a new weekend project! Make a concrete bar this Thanksgiving weekend with HomeMade Modern.

Make a concrete + iron bar table made from concrete and iron pipe fittings useing grey Quikrete Commercial Grade Countertop Mix cast into a melamine form to make the top. It's as smooth and hard as stone but weighs about 200 lbs. The base is made from a combination of 1" and 3/4" diameter black iron pipes and a scrap piece of 3/4" plywood.

Handmade Coat Rack by john cheng

Now that the weekend has gone and passed, maybe it's time to plan your next weekend project!

You Have Broken The Internet has a great post on how to create your own handmade coat rack with steel pipes. There no greater feeling that using something that you have made from scratch. The total cost to build one of these bad boys is roughly around $71.00, that is if you have all the necessary tools.

The Sketchbook Project by john cheng

The Sketchbook Project is a crowd sourced library of artists' books. The best part is, you can be a part of it too! Purchase a book and fill it to your heart's content and send it back in to be a part of their collection, archived in the Brooklyn Art Library and included at every 2015 exhibition. I think I may just have a go at this.

Shapeways by john cheng

I love taking my ideas and turning them into physical objects. However my methods of doing so have always been long drawn out processes. Don't get me wrong, the process can be very enjoyable, but sometimes I just want to skip a few steps to get to where I want to be.

Insert 3D-printing. Shapeways is a platform that helps you take your ideas from conceptual drawings and sketches to a tangible item! I just might have to try this out and get some objects printed. I guess I need to brush up on my 3D rendering skills.

Papercraft Deer by john cheng

This looks like a really fun and challenging DIY project. I just might purchase the plans and do a few modifications.

You can find the manual on gluing and the unfolded 2d pattern at the links below, albeit, for a small fee.