Steezy by john cheng

Are you a dancer? Do you want to get more connected with the dance community? You should probably check out Steezy then. Urban dance culture has been fast growing and competitive teams and communities are forming everywhere. Steezy, formed by good friends, Evan Zhou, Alvina Ng and more awesomely talented dancers, gives back to the dance community and bridges the gaps between them creating an environment for growth, knowledge and insights of urban dance.

Check out their blog as well for video, interviews, and more like this one of Sorah Yang!

Artist: Adrian Kay Wong by john cheng

The world is such a small place! Yesterday I had errands to run after work, mostly to buy some acrylic and a couple pens for my artwork, so I dropped by the art store that I normally go to when I need supplies. After browsing a few items and picking out what I needed, I proceeded to the cashier to pay for my items.

It started off pretty normally with small talk with the clerk asking "Are you an artist?"

"Yeah I paint and do some other stuff," I said.

"Oh cool, did you go to art school?"

"Yeah I went to USC."

"Really? I actually had a friend who went there a while back."

"That's cool. Are you in art school now/go to art school?"

So this is where the conversation starts to get interesting...

The clerk proceeded to tell me, "I went to art school out at the Chicago Art Institute and moved here after graduating."

"Oh, Chicago Art Institute, I had a friend that went there."

"What was his name?"

"Austin..." the clerk give me a funny look, the kind where it was like, you've got to be kidding I need to confirm this name, so I proceeded to say, "Austin Yamada..."

"No way, I know Austin, I was his roommate out in Chicago."

"What the hell! I was his roommate back when we went to USC!"

This wasn't a word for word account, but all in all it was a really entertaining experience and once again made me realize how small the world is and the stranger you meet may somehow be connected to you in some form or another.

Adrian Kay Wong is an artist that is now based in Los Angeles and has some beautiful work. Check out a few of his paintings below and be sure to visit his site. Us artists need to stick together!