Coke With a Twist by john cheng

I love the campaigns that Coke puts on. In order to open your bottle of Coke, you need to pair it up with another person to open, which forces you to interact with strangers, share a drink, and maybe make a new friend. Then again... you could just take two bottle and have two soda's by yourself, but where is the fun in that?! Well done Coke!

Coca-Cola Social Media Guard by john cheng

I am certain guilty of this and probably need one of these for myself. I love taking photos with my phone and posting them to Instagram, but sometimes it can get a bit addictive, and I catch myself constantly refreshing my feed. As a result, I sometimes miss what people around me are saying.

Coca-Cola has an interesting solution to this. It's the Cone of Shame and actually available in select stores! Perfect gift for that special social media addict in your life.