Nintendo Game Titles Reimagined as Golden Books by john cheng

I have no words except for AWESOME!

Artist Joey Spiotto (aka “Joebot“), who reimagines modern video game titles as classic Little Golden Books has a new set of prints, that are available to purchase online at Etsy. I may need to make more wall space at home...

8Bit Harmonica by john cheng

Feeling musical while yearning for days past of Super Nintendo? You might want to check out Basami Sentaku's 8bit Harmonica. I wonder how you make one for yourself.

8bit Harmonica はファミコンをフーフーして 8bit音を奏でることができるハーモニカです。

Honda "Hands" by john cheng

I always love finding interesting videos to draw inspiration from and this is one of those videos. Curiously enough, it's a video about inspiration as well. Thanks to my dad for sending me this video.

Discover more at Honda "Hands" film celebrates the curiosity of Honda engineers, which has led to some of the most successful Honda innovations over the past 65 years.

Noramoji Project by john cheng

The Noramoji Project is one of the greatest undertakings that I've come across. Noramoji are fonts made from the deconstruction of storefront signage found all over Japan. These fonts can't be found in books or type kits, they have to be sought out.

The goal of Noramoji is to find these fonts, deconstruct and analyze the fonts in order to recreate a full set of hiragana or katakana and then returning the letters back to the store owners. You can actually download these fonts and donate to fund their ongoing project. The proceeds are then given back to the store owners that the fonts were found from.

What a great idea!

プロジェクトサイトはこちら → 古い町並みには、洗練されていないけれど個性的で味のある文字がたくさんあります。このプロジェクトは、そんなステキな文字たちを「のらもじ」と名付け、それを 発見 → 分析 → フォント化 を進めていく活動です。