BilletSpin Tops: Navigator by john cheng

I've always loved spinning tops from when I was very young. My first top was a wooden throw top that my dad taught me how to throw. It took a while to get the hang of it, but that memory has stayed with me ever since. Now that I'm older, I still love tops, but my tastes have also gotten older.

In comes the precision metal spinning tops. These suckers might be expensive, but are well worth it. They are tiny pieces of art that you can play with. Yes you could buy another knife to add to your collection of EDC with the amount that you spend, but you can't really play with a knife in the way you could with a top. Plus you can bring it anywhere unlike with a knife. 

That being said, you should check out the Navigator by BilletSpin on Indiegogo. This is the 25th top that they've made and its a beauty of a top. The machine work on this thing is gorgeous. Reminds me of what I imagined the Golden Compass should look like. 

Last bit of information, once this campaign is over, they wont be made again! 

Coke With a Twist by john cheng

I love the campaigns that Coke puts on. In order to open your bottle of Coke, you need to pair it up with another person to open, which forces you to interact with strangers, share a drink, and maybe make a new friend. Then again... you could just take two bottle and have two soda's by yourself, but where is the fun in that?! Well done Coke!

The Great Discontent Kickstarter Campaign by john cheng


I have previously posted on The Great Discontent before and I highly recommend reading their content and supporting their Kickstarter campaign. Tina and Ryan Essmaker are making the leap from taking their side-project and turning it into a full-time affair. Actions like this really inspire me and get me excited. Let's help them "...make a magazine!"

What $25,000 looks like in relief aid by john cheng

A new movie called the Secret Life of Walter Mitty is coming out soon. 20th Century Fox decided that they wanted to do an ad campaign for the movie about following your dreams and taking action rather than just sitting and thinking about it. To do this they reached out to Casey Neistat who took it in an inspirational direction. Check out the video below to see the entire process.

help the children effected by typhoon Haiyan by giving to Unicef no crew traveled with us, it was just Oscar and me. we filmed this ourselves, with a tripod, using my personal cameras.