Moleskine: Livescribe Notebook by john cheng

Do you take a lot of hand written notes? Do you end up having to retype your notes out so that you have them on your computer? Moleskine has created the perfect notebook for you! The livescribe notebook comes with a smart pen that claims to bring all of your handwritten content into their app in real time. CUHRAZY!

How it works?

*To perform its many operations, your Livescribe smartpen requires Livescribe™ dot paper. This paper is standard paper with printed microdots on its surface. These dots are nearly invisible to the human eye. However, the smartpen can easily see these dots and uses them to know which page you are writing on and the exact location on that page. The smartpen can even see these dots through the ink you write on your pages.

Noisli by john cheng

Many of my peers are extreme music lovers. They work, paint, and do tasks to music that they love. They know their artists forwards and backwards, but if you are like me, music is nice to have but is sometimes a distraction when working.

I personally love background noise that has no particular significance to keep me company. I hate dead silence, but I'm also uncomfortable in a setting with too much music. Noisli, is so far, perfect for my needs. Noisli has various background noises from nature that you can mix and match to create a setting best suited for you while you work. They also have an app coming soon. I can't wait! Productivity x9000!

Artifact Uprising for iPhone by john cheng

Because Design Matters
— AU

Artifact Uprising (AU) is a new mobile app that aids you in transforming the memories you log on your iPhone into a tangible book or postcards of memories that you can customize yourself. The entire interface looks pretty intuitive. I can't wait to try this out.

Instagram Announces Direct Sharing by john cheng

Instagram has always been one of my favorite apps, mainly for its simplicity. But now, more and more apps, not just instagram, keep adding depth to their apps that are supposed to increase the user experience. However with each added feature, it feels like the original intent of the application seems to get more and more lost.

It's not really a bad thing, and honestly, I'll probably use instagram direct quite a bit. It leaves me to wonder when enough is enough using facebook as an example. Facebook started when I was a freshman in college and it was very simple to use, but now I have no idea what I'm doing on facebook except for pushing content there.

What do you think?

Introducing Instagram Direct: a new way to share photo and video messages with friends. For more information, check out the following resources: - Read more at our blog: - Visit our Instagram Direct FAQ: - Download the latest version of Instagram: To see more from the Instagrammers featured in this video and their #roundaboutUSA roadtrip, check out the following accounts: