Teach Your Kids Their ABCs Without Comic Sans! / by john cheng

I have to admit that when I was younger and started fiddling around with computers and word processors, I was the biggest perpetrator in using Comic Sans! Well, when you're little, you don't really know whats good or bad...you have to be taught.

Looodus on Etsy has a very elegant solution for that, teach your kids when they are young, that there are much better font choices out there other than comic sans while they learn their ABCs. It may break your wallet a bit running at around $250, but it sure is beautiful!

The product you have before you is 100% made in Italy. It is laser cut and hand finished in the hills of Trivero in Piemonte, approximately two hour’s drive from Milan, where Looodus is based.
The puzzle is a true collaboration between designer and artisan, exploring the possibilities of computer aided design and hand finished products. A marriage of new technologies and pride in a craft handed down from father to son. Each puzzle goes through numerous checks and
re-finishes to ensure a product which is precise and modern while being unmistakably artisanal.
Extreme care has been taken by Looodus to use a manufacturer who shares the our values with attention to craft and quality while ensuring that the product is as environmentally friendly as possible. The process begins with the selection of wood used to create this beautiful piece.
All the plywood is FSC (Forestal Stewardship Council) certified Poplar from the surrounding Padana Plane. This is where the majority of Poplar is grown for Italian paper and the carpentry sectors.
The concept for the Puzzle, like many of Looodus’ products, are born from observation of the designer's baby daughter and the real life experience of being a first time parent. The Fonts were selected to be appropriate for their shape and size but also have a special place in the world of design. The colours have been checked and tested to offer a harmonious range across Green, Blue and Red.
The continued interaction of our number one client Allegra, and the product has become a bountiful source of inspiration for future projects. “There are opportunities which arise every day to be creative and make quick fun toys for her, using the most rudimentary materials and sometimes these mini prototypes can become more refined products,” explains Kurt Stapelfeldt, Co-founder and Looodus Chief Designer.