You Need Nothing! / by john cheng

I have caught myself recently yearning to buy a few gadgets and knick-knacks, but I try my best to circle back around and tell myself that I don't need those things. I don't need a designer vinyl toy, I don't need that $50 book, I don't need a Canon S120, I honestly don't need half the things I currently have.

What I do need is the constant reminder to myself to happy and content with what I've been blessed with . Strangely enough Pim de Graaff from The Netherlands created exactly that, Nothing. Nothing is a piece of wood with a black finish with the intention to remind people to enjoy everything they already have. This is pretty genius and hilarious at the same time.

Nothing reminds you to enjoy everything you already have.
— Pim de Graaff

If you want to dig into it even deeper, only when you come to the point where you have nothing, do you realise everything that you used to have. So before that happens, enjoy everything!

Also check out the website, it's really clean and aesthetically pleasing.