Upholstered Furniture And A Desire To Learn / by john cheng

I'm a strong believer in understanding how things work. How are things made, where are they made, what tools are needed, what craft is involved and etc. I used to believe that this type of thinking was the result of my years of education in an arts environment, but as of late, I've realized that this attitude and curiosity of mine was instilled by my father. My father used to take me to factories in Taiwan and show me where automotive parts were made. He taught me the process of production by showing me the machines that pressed sheets of steel in to shaped components that would fit into a car.

As a clear result of how my father has influenced me, I love watching process videos and seeing how things are made. Watch and see how upholstered furniture comes together piece by piece.

Thanks dad for instilling the desire to learn in me!

Source: http://www.core77.com