Boundaries / by john cheng

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At an early age, the value of serving others was instilled within the very fabric of my soul.  No matter what the situation I always felt a sense of duty to those around me, especially the ones that I love and hold dear, to the point where I would still try and serve others even if it harmed me deeply. 

Having a heart to serve others is not a bad trait to have, but the lesson that is being learned by me to this day is that when you forego your own identity and well being, you actually lose the ability to serve others with a full and joyful heart. Instead, you become a person with a heavy heart crushed by burdens too much to bear and stripped of any joy.

Be courageous! Setting your Boundaries and protecting yourself from the arrows of guilt, shame, fear, and a false sense to duty is not being selfish, but rather it is keeping yourself healthy and giving yourself the ability to help and serve someone else when they most need it. Otherwise, how do you help someone who is hurt when you are also wounded?