Hand Blown Beer Glasses / by john cheng

In a world full of mass manufactured goods, it is always nice to see that there still exist hand crafted and quality pieces such as these hand blown beer glasses. Get your own set for £52.00 at Reiko Kaneko.

As part of the first Japan Store collection Reiko has worked closely with the prestigious Japanese company Shotoku Glass. Renowned for their super thin, yet deceptively strong hand blown glass Reiko has worked with Shotoku to develop a bespoke Beer Glass design.

In the design Reiko took inspiration from the glass blowing process after visiting their factory in Tokyo earlier in the year. Aiming to utilise this Japanese craftsmanship to create an elegant beer glass specific for the English market, the glass is just the right size to hold one bottle of beer. The subtle ripple on the exterior of the glass also conveniently shows a 50 ml double measure, allowing combinations of this very Japanese craft with classic English drinks like G&T. For Reiko, the highest praise for the design came from the factory floor, with some of Shotoku’s glass blowers among her first customers.

By defeault we sell these glasses paired up in a presentation box, however they are also available individually should you wish. 

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Source: http://www.reikokaneko.co.uk