Hackschooling: New Era of Homeschooling? / by john cheng

I have my doubts about home schooling but I have to admit that this video of 13 year-old Logan Laplante made me think out of the box a bit about conventional education vs a hackschooling approach.

I think the approach that Laplante and his parents have taken is approaching education with model that allows the child to learn based of his interests and apply basic subjects accordingly. In my mind, traditional home schooling isn't as effective because it is as if you were going to a regular school except you are sitting at home and have no peers to collaborate with. Than again I'm naive in this respect because I have not experienced it first hand, but if we alter the way we approach home schooling according the model that Laplante has explained during his Tedx talk (btw...this is a 13 year-old giving a tedx talk, they have to be doing something right), it may prove to be beneficial.