What Makes A Good Leader? / by john cheng

Simon Sinek asks in his TED Talk; What makes a good leader? In his talk, he explains what makes a good leader and why. He explains the concept of leaders taking risks and caring for the group, while at the sacrifice of themselves, in order to maintain the well-being of his followers. There are many leaders in this world, but just because someone holds the position of authority doesn't mean that they are good leaders.

So why is it that our culture is so contrary to this concept? Why do we celebrate modern day leaders who sacrifice others for their own personal gain? The goal here however is not to answer why, but to instill the concept of what good leadership is in ourselves. Once that concept is instilled in our hearts, when the torch of leadership passes to us, we will look to bring others up before ourselves instead of the other way around and become the good leader that we once so desired to follow.

Source: http://www.ted.com