Resources: Business Cards / by john cheng

The one project that every designer will most indefinitely encounter is the design of a business card. Whether it is for a friend, themselves, a family member, or part of a larger freelance branding gig of some sort, a business card will always be a part of a designers arsenal. The designing of a business card is really dependent on aesthetics so I'm not going to talk about that at all.

What I will share is the answer to the question tons of people ask me, where do you get your cards printed? There are tons of printers available online and it can be daunting. Which vendor should I choose? What is the paper quality like? What is matte vs UV? Can they do custom cards? So yes, I understand why people are always asking around because they want to find a printer with the best quality for their cards.

I've tried many many print vendors, but the three below are the ones that I have used and trust and fit into almost anyone's budget.

1. Indie Printing:

Indie Printing, located in the heart of Downtown Los Angeles. I've worked with these guys numerous times on various projects and they are super friendly and helpful. They can work with you to create custom cards as well as print basic cards at a decent price. If you live near Los Angeles, swing by and pick up your order to save on shipping.

2. Moo Cards

Moo Cards are awesome if you want super thick Luxe cards. They have a hefty feel to them and also come with a version where you can pick the color of the paper that is sandwiched in between. They also have Mini Moo cards that allow you to use multiple designs/pictures as the front of your card while having the same information on the flip side. If you are looking for more variety in one order of cards, I would go with them.

3. Next Day Flyers

Next Day Flyers is definitely my go to place. I have printed many, many business cards with them but also post cards and greeting cards. Personally, of love their matte finish on all of their products and they are decently priced as well. They are very fast as well when it comes to putting your order onto the production line. Once they receive your files, they put it on press the very next day and ship it out as soon as it's done. Shipping may take a while though depending on where you are. They are located in Compton, CA as well as Saddle Brook NJ and I believe you are able to pick your order up, just make sure you choose the right location.

All three vendors are excellent and if you have various projects, try them out for yourself and see which one you like better. They all do other types of printing as well so don't just peg them as business card vendors, they print all kinds of things. Of course there are probably vendors that do better work, but for me and the projects that I've worked on in the past, these guys have never done me wrong.

Hope this helps!