Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found In Squid / by john cheng

Raw squid is sold at market. This is the first time researchers have discovered an antibiotic-resistant bacteria in food. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

This is quite concerning. Washington Post article by Lena H. Sun reports on the discovery of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria found, for the first time, in a food product. For now, squid eaters be wary of how you prepare your food! Cooking squid at the correct temperatures can kill the bacteria, but improper prepping can cause bacteria to move from surface to surface. Just prepare everything like you would with raw chicken.

Antibiotics are our last line of defense to bacterial infections and if bacteria becomes more resistant to antibiotics, that is very grave news for us. What do we learn from this? Prepare your food carefully and also take antibiotics as directed! Don't go knocking back antibiotics all willy-nilly, you're doing more harm than good to your body.