Candor / by john cheng

As a leader my responsibility is to tell hard truths to my team and to my CEO. I can only do that when folks truly believe that I have their best interests at heart and my intention is to push them to being their better selves.
— Jesse Hertzberg

Sometimes I wonder if people truly want candor in the workplace. Is it even possible to be candid when you are low on the ladder? My hope is that I can be candid and that everyone above, horizontal and below me in the workplace can be as candid as possible. If not, then everything just gets muddy.

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Build a culture centered around speaking the truth, and you create an environment that nourishes courage, encourages risk taking, and regularly pushes your business through new thresholds.
Look into the companies you admire and you'll notice candor sits at the core of the culture of these great organizations. Without it, ideas are squashed before they see the light of day, while those ideas that do surface don't face hard questions from day one. Candor is also the one problem solving technique that works in any situation.