DIY: Sriracha! by john cheng

For all you peeps who put sriracha on everything, it's time to start making your own! Check out this awesome recipe to make your own sriracha at home and don't forget to protect yourself while making it. I'm sure it'll burn like crap if you get it on yourself. Find the recipe at!

Tatsuru Rai: Soba Master by john cheng

Soba master Tatsuru Rai demonstrates the soba making process for this years Mad Symposium. Whose hungry for some soba now?

Tatsuru Rai is the owner and chef of Sobatei Rakuichi in Niseko, Hokkaido. He operates the 12-seat restaurant, considered one of the world’s great soba houses, with his wife Midori. He mixes, kneads, and cuts all of the buckwheat to order. He was the first person to appear on stage at the fourth annual MAD Symposium, in Copenhagen. Instead of giving a speech, Tatsuru demonstrated his craft in complete silence. Read more on the MADFeed:

Space Whisky by john cheng

Ardbeg Distillery in Scotland partnered with Texas space research company NanoRacks back in 2011 to launch a vial of unmatured malt and charred oak pieces into orbit.

The vial was launched on a Russian Soyuz rocket with a control vial kept in the Ardbeg distillery. The vial is scheduled to return back to earth on September 12, 2014 and a comparison of the two whiskeys will be made to see the effects of microgravity conditions on the maturation process.


If you want to know more about the scotch whisky process, watch the video below!

Soft Boiled Eggs by john cheng


It's breakfast time and I haven't had breakfast, so I'm pretty hungry at the moment. And because it's breakfast time and I'm hungry, I'm craving eggs. Soft boiled eggs to be exact. I love runny egg yolk with a pinch of salt to complete the package, the only downside is making the eggs.

Whenever I boil them, its usually a hit or miss depending on how attentive I am. But this recipe by Irvin Lin seems to solve all my problems. I'll have to try this soon to see if it really works, I'm sure it does.

4-6 large eggs, refrigerator cold
1 tray of ice cubes

Special equipment
Large pot with lid
Steamer basket
Large bowl

1. Fill a pot with 1/2-inch of water and cover it. Place on the stove and turn the heat to high until boiling.

2. Place the eggs in a steamer basket. Once the water is boiling (shouldn’t take too long), remove lid, place the steamer basket with the eggs in them, inside the pot (the water level should not be above the steamer basket). Replace lid and set a timer for 6 minutes and 45 seconds.


3. While the eggs are steaming, empty a tray of ice cubes into a large bowl and fill with cold water. Once the timer is up and the eggs are done steaming, remove them from the steamer basket, one at a time with the tongs, and place them in the ice bath to stop them from cooking. Let cool for 5 minutes before serving with salt and pepper.

DIY Cough Syrup by john cheng

Since everyone around me has either been sick, getting sick or sick for the second time around, here is a life hack for you. Make your own cough syrup at home if your just not that into drugging yourself up with over the counter medication.

Lifestyle blog The Creek Line House has a great recipe that promises to deliver relief to the minor sore throats and coughs the winter season brings. The ingredients are simple:

  • 1 tablespoon buckwheat or good local honey, which soothes throats and has antibacterial properties
  • 1 tablespoon apple cider vinegar, which also has antibacterial properties and can help clear your sinuses
  • 1/4 teaspoon cayenne pepper, which has natural pain relievers
  • 1/4 teaspoon ground ginger, has anti-inflammatory properties and helps relieve congestion

Check out The Creek Line House's post below for the full recipe and other details.

DIY Homemade All-Natural Cough Syrup | The Creek Line House

Feeling Sick? Have a cocktail! by john cheng

Cocktail recipes that can help pesky common colds. With ingredients like honey, echinacea, chili and bitters, you just might be able to drink your way better!

This is my kind of medicine!