DIY: Sriracha! by john cheng

For all you peeps who put sriracha on everything, it's time to start making your own! Check out this awesome recipe to make your own sriracha at home and don't forget to protect yourself while making it. I'm sure it'll burn like crap if you get it on yourself. Find the recipe at!

Kidneys, the Magical Beans In Your Body by john cheng

I was sick all of last week and ingesting all forms of liquid, medicine and food. I'm glad my kidneys were at work for me. Check out this great TEDed video on how your kidneys filter through everything that you put into your body. Be nice to your body and put good stuff in.

View full lesson: After drinking a few glasses of water on a hot day, you might be struck with a sudden ... urge. Behind that feeling are two bean-shaped organs that work as fine-tuned internal sensors.

Custom Design Hard Candy by john cheng

Check out these confectioners from La Confiserie Candy Labs crafting handmade custom designed centered hard candies. Pretty cool! Too bad Valentines day has passed, maybe keep this up your sleeve for next year.

On a search for something interesting, we look only in places we expect surprises. Inconspicuously located in downtown Montreal, we discovered a shop that makes handmade specialty candy on the spot right in front of you! Have you ever wondered how candy is made?

Brady Bunch x Danny Trejo x Snickers by john cheng

This is freaking hilarious!

A new Snickers commercial recasts the classic television show The Brady Bunch with Steve Buscemi and an ax-wielding Danny Trejo in the roles of daughters Marcia and Jan by editing the two men into a scene with Mike (Robert Reed) and Carol Brady (Florence Henderson).
In the commercial the characters make reference to two classic scenes from show. The first is when Marcia has her nose broken by a football thrown by her brother before a big date, and the other is when a frustrated Jan famously screams, “Marcia! Marcia! Marcia!
Snickers also released a video detailing the process that went into creating the commercial, which included rebuilding the famous set and digital mouth replacement.

In this special episode, we find out what happens to Marcia and Jan when they're hungry. Let's just say it's not pretty.

From re-creating the famous living room to digital mouth replacement, go behind the scenes and see what it took to make the SNICKERS Super Bowl commercial featuring The Brady Bunch.

Asian Snacks by john cheng

This is definitely my childhood, more specifically the shrimp chips.

inb4 dog-eating jokes. Follow me! TUMBLR: FACEBOOK: TWITTER: INSTAGRAM: I LIVESTREAM SOMETIMES: Royalty Free Music by

Cutting a Pepper by john cheng

I was cutting a pepper last night and found myself cleaning out the seeds by ruthlessly ripping them out only to find a few stragglers left behind inside the pepper. This video would have been helpful last night.

How to prepare and slice a bell pepper. Simple tutorial to help you when cooking with pepper. Great kitchen tip to help make food preparation easier and a useful knife skill.

Barnes and Webb Honey by john cheng

Munchies follow London beekeepers Chris Barnes and Paul Webb (Barnes and Webb) to get an inside look on how they produce honey and install beehives around the city of London.

For London beekeepers Chris Barnes and Paul Webb, honey is money—literally. The pair install and manage beehives in postcodes across the city, providing top-notch raw, ultra-local honey to the people. MUNCHIES follows the pair as they set up and expand their urban beekeeping business…

I want me some real honey!

Mizkan Group: 210 Years of Rice Vinegar Brewing by john cheng

I am definitely a sucker for good packaging. Matazaemon Nakano is a man who branched out from the sake brewing business 210 some years ago and started making rice vinegar instead. Since then The Mizkan Group has been brewing rice vinegar for more than two centuries! To celebrate 210 years of vinegar brewing, Mizkan Group asked designer Taku Satoh to create their commemorative box.

I really want one of these for myself not just to use the rice vinegar, but also to utilize the bottle afterwards. Such an elegant design!

Too Much Candy? by john cheng

The World Heath Organization (W.H.O.) has released a guideline that describes the suggested daily intake of "free sugars." In other words the sugars that are added to processed foods like high-fructose corn syrup as well as natural sugars that are refined like maple syrup.

Even orange juice contains added sugar because it’s very concentrated,” says WHO adviser Chessa Lutter. Ideally, free sugars should make up a mere 5 percent of one’s daily calories. For a fairly active 10-year-old, that’s about 23 grams per day, or 5.8 teaspoons. And that translates to a paltry haul of candy.

That said, here are some more tangible ways to calculate how much candy equals 5.8 teaspoons or 23 grams of sugar per day.

2.3 fun-size Butterfingers


15.7 candy corns

mini Reese's Peanut Butter Cups

14.3 Sour Patch Kids

39 M&M's

But if you're not a 10 year old jumping off the wall all day and unable to burn those calories as quickly, check out the interactive calculator on Popular Science to figure out how much sugar you really should be eating.

Tatsuru Rai: Soba Master by john cheng

Soba master Tatsuru Rai demonstrates the soba making process for this years Mad Symposium. Whose hungry for some soba now?

Tatsuru Rai is the owner and chef of Sobatei Rakuichi in Niseko, Hokkaido. He operates the 12-seat restaurant, considered one of the world’s great soba houses, with his wife Midori. He mixes, kneads, and cuts all of the buckwheat to order. He was the first person to appear on stage at the fourth annual MAD Symposium, in Copenhagen. Instead of giving a speech, Tatsuru demonstrated his craft in complete silence. Read more on the MADFeed:

Cooking Frozen Steaks by john cheng

Who thaws their steak before cooking? I DO! But America's Test Kitchen is telling me otherwise and their findings are very convincing. This will definitely cut down my cooking time in half but before you start throwing your frozen steaks all willy-nilly onto your pan, remember that there is a proper way to freeze your steaks, otherwise you may cause a kitchen fire when you throw your already frozen steaks on the stove.

626 Night Market by john cheng

Looking for something to do in Downtown LA tonight and tomorrow night? Head over to the DTLA 626 Night Market and show down on some food, visit me at my artist booth, and just have an all around good time. Visit 626 Night Market for more info or purchase your presale tickets at Eventbrite.

Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria Found In Squid by john cheng

Raw squid is sold at market. This is the first time researchers have discovered an antibiotic-resistant bacteria in food. (Cameron Spencer/Getty Images)

This is quite concerning. Washington Post article by Lena H. Sun reports on the discovery of an antibiotic-resistant bacteria found, for the first time, in a food product. For now, squid eaters be wary of how you prepare your food! Cooking squid at the correct temperatures can kill the bacteria, but improper prepping can cause bacteria to move from surface to surface. Just prepare everything like you would with raw chicken.

Antibiotics are our last line of defense to bacterial infections and if bacteria becomes more resistant to antibiotics, that is very grave news for us. What do we learn from this? Prepare your food carefully and also take antibiotics as directed! Don't go knocking back antibiotics all willy-nilly, you're doing more harm than good to your body.