Square Cash by Square by john cheng

Using mobile devices to make payments will be inevitable, thus all the different companies trying to figure out how to do this correctly especially the peer to peer aspect. Paypal and Venmo are the ones that come to mind. Square cash is a new service created by Square that uses the "$" tag with a handle you create in order go get paid. Watch the video to see how they envision this to work.

Let me put it this way, it'll make payments that much easier at conventions when a customer doesn't have cash or credit card on hand to pay for goods, but has their phone.

Create a $Cashtag to get paid fast. Powered by Square Cash, a $Cashtag is a simple name that you create and can share with anyone, anywhere, online or off. Claim your $Cashtag today.

Diving into Rhino 3D by john cheng

In the past year, I already felt that I should get my hands dirty with some 3D rendering software so that I could add 3D modeling and 3D printing to my list of skills. It wasn't until last night that I really dove into it. I ended up choosing to use Rhino because it is currently in beta for Mac and free to download.

For my first project I knew I needed to make something simple as not to overwhelm myself with overly complex shapes. I landed on creating a new wax seal/chop that I could attach to my keys. So for the experience has been awesome! Some of my deeply engrained habits with the Adobe Creative Suite do get in the way, but all in all it's easy to get over once you get into a 3D modeling groove. Still lots to learn and experiment with but hopefully I'll be able to send this off to Shapeways soon and you'll be seeing me rock my new stamp as a keychain.

Smart Kapp Dry-Erase Board by john cheng

SMART Kapp, a dry-erase board that transmits content written on it in real time to nearby smartphones. Pretty cool idea and seems like a very useful tool if used properly. I'd like to use this to brainstorm rough thumbnail sketches for various projects. Let me add this to my wish list for my dream office.

Ryman Eco: World's Most Beautiful Sustainable Font by john cheng

Dan Rhatigan of Monotype, talks about Ryman Eco, the world's most beautiful sustainable font. How can a font be sustainable? Think about all the ink that you use to print out all of your documents. If a letter is fat and bold, it uses more ink, therefore more you print larger fonts the more ink you will use and have to buy and waste.

Watch the video as he delves deeper into the concept behind Ryman Eco and the process that created the font.

Artifact Uprising for iPhone by john cheng

Because Design Matters
— AU

Artifact Uprising (AU) is a new mobile app that aids you in transforming the memories you log on your iPhone into a tangible book or postcards of memories that you can customize yourself. The entire interface looks pretty intuitive. I can't wait to try this out.

Monument Valley by john cheng

Monument Valley is beautifully rendered video game by developer ustwo, available on iOS with an Android version coming soon, that was inspired by M.C. Escher, Japanese woodblock prints, and architecture.  Watch more below on their process and the thinking behind Monument Valley.

I downloaded it last night, and be warned, this game is extremely addicting. I had to force myself to put it down. Not only is it a great puzzle game, my favorite type of game, but it is just so beautifully rendered. Thank you ustwo for creating this beautiful game for us all to enjoy!

Habits by john cheng

We all have good habits and bad habits and sometimes we have habits that we want to develop. The problem is when you want to create a new habit for yourself, it is very very difficult to keep yourself accountable. This is where you insert Habit List.

Habit list is a wonderful app that allows you to track the habits you would like to instill in yourself. Once you set the type of habits you want to develop, you can get motivated with streaks, focus on what is due, and stay on track with reminders. I really hope this will work for me as I find stats very addicting.

Create good habits. Break unhealthy ones. Build a better you.
— Habit List

UpWord Notes by john cheng

I am a notes person. I'm always writing down to do lists or random notes to remind me of ideas. All of these notes usually go in my sketchbook, but when I'm on the go... I either resort to writing on napkins or the somewhat better option of writing it down int he notes app on my phone.

Both options usually just get lost. Maybe this new app will suit my needs better. It sure does look more appealing because you can format the notes that you take with gestures. I guess it's worth a try.

Flagsmith by john cheng

This looks like it could be a lot of fun to play with. Flagsmith is a flag building typeface with over 100 shapes and 1,000 alternates that can be mixed and matched. I'm very curious as to what types of flags that I can make with this, but I'm not sure yet what context I would use them for.

Papercraft Deer by john cheng

This looks like a really fun and challenging DIY project. I just might purchase the plans and do a few modifications.

You can find the manual on gluing and the unfolded 2d pattern at the links below, albeit, for a small fee.

Tiny Tiny Tiny Hand Knit Sweaters...And I mean Tiny by john cheng

Althea Crome knits tiny sweaters that sometimes require knitting needles close to the width of a single human hair! This skill can take weeks or months to churn out one sweater which make it hard to imaging how long it took for her to make some of the prop sweaters in the film Coraline. I knew that Coraline was detail oriented, but who knew it was that detailed!

Don't think that just because they're small she cut out bits a pieces of a pattern, but rather she knits everything down to 1:12 scale on every stitch. That is no easy feat! My mind is blown.

Feel like trying your at it? You can purchase some of her patterns here.

And well, if you just can't do tiny, then just go big. Wall Street Journal Live has this video on how to knit a sweater with your arms. From one extreme to another!